Blocking out online sexual abuse

Everyday girls are contacted online by adults who try to manipulate or groom and sexually exploit them. Girls, just like you and your friends.

Block. Report.
Tell someone you trust.

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Blocking out online sexual abuse

Every day girls are contacted online by adults who try to manipulate or groom and sexually exploit them. Girls, just like you and your friends.

Block. Report.
Tell someone you trust. 


Requests for nude images are just not ok. At all.

Our film is here to help you and all the girls you care about to block, report, and tell someone you trust. Three. Easy. Steps.

We stand with all girls. Share this with your friends.  


Online grooming’s a tactic used by adults who try to get close by building a relationship, trust, and emotional connection in the hope of manipulating, exploiting and abusing us.

It’s not always easy to spot them as they may hide who they really are by sending photos or videos of someone younger, or they might do a really good job of making you feel like they REALLY like you to get what they want.

Things potential abusers may do and say to trick you


We collected a bunch of facts and information that we think you should know about.  

We’re here to help you spot the signs of online sexual abuse, and how to react if it happens.


You only need to remember 3 steps:


Instead of responding and giving that creep the attention he seeks, you just block him. Just say nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch.


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If an adult asks for sexual images or videos from you, that’s Online Sexual Abuse.

So let’s make it stop by clicking on that report button, so they can’t bother us girls ever again.


It’s important that we tell someone we love and trust what’s happened. It can be your mum, your bff, even your favorite auntie. So speak out about it, you’ve done nothing wrong: he has.

Shame on them, not on us.


If this is happening to you or you’re just concerned about one of your friends and need some help, here are some other places you can get support.

Childline is a free, anonymous service that’s here to help you with any situation you’re dealing with, no matter how big or small you think it is. You can call on 0800 1111 or chat 1-2-1 with a counsellor online by visiting their website at childline

If you’re worried about online sexual abuse or the way someone has been communicating with you online, you can report it to CEOP. One of their experienced Child Protection Advisors will be there to make sure you get the help that you, or a friend, needs. You can make a report online for yourself, or do it for one of your friends.

Block. Report. Tell Someone You Trust.

Help centres for social media platforms are listed below:

Looking for a different one? Check all platforms in NetAware

About IWF

The IWF is a charity that works to stop child sexual abuse images and videos online across the world. We help to make the internet a safer place for everyone. If you ever see sexual images or videos of someone who looks under 18 online, you can report the content safely and anonymously here:

Young people aged under 18 who are worried a sexual image or video of them may have been shared online can use Childline and IWF’s Report Remove tool. This helps young people to report an image or video shared online, to see if it is possible to get it removed. Once the report has been made, Childline supports the child and provides any updates or feedback.

If you’re worried about child sexual abuse and you would like to find a way to report it, this page will help you find support – whether it’s for you, or someone you know. Visit Stop Abuse Together.